Summerfield Suites
17421 SE 109th Terrace Rd
Summerfield, FL 34491
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Dual Licensing

Conveniently located just off 441 near The Villages, a special feature at SummerField Suites is its ECC and LNS dual licensing. Why does this matter to you and your family? See the services below that ensure the best quality of “aging in place” available anywhere in Marion County.

Limited Nursing Services (LNS) :

In addition to the basic services of an assisted living facility, we also provide:

  • Nursing assessments including the physical and mental status of a resident
  • Application of heat and ice caps
  • Routine changing of colostomy bags
  • Passive range of motion exercises
  • Urine Specimen including clean catch or sterile specimen
  • Blood glucose testing
  • Application and care of routine dressings
  • Eye and ear irrigations
  • Replacement of established self-maintained in-dwelling urinary catheter or intermittent urinary catherizations
  • Enemas and digital stool removal
  • Care of casts, braces and splints


Extended Congregate Care Services (ECC):

In addition to the above, our ECC license provides:

  • Routine care of stoma and surrounding skin in presence of gastostomy
  • Routine care of suprapubic catheter
  • Administration of oxygen
  • Care of amputation or fracture
  • Prophylactic and palliative skin care, including prescription creams
  • Treatment of Stage Two pressure sores that are stabilized, with a plan of care and no other significant health problems that complicate the process
  • Medication administration